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Night Hunter Review

A lieutenant, a police profiler and a vigilante track the movements of a serial killer after multiple women are abducted.

A Private War new trailer: Rosamund Pike uncovers the truth on the frontline

The British actress takes on the role of war correspondent Marie Colvin

Patient Zero trailer: Stanley Tucci is all zombied out

Why run from zombies when you can just sit and talk to them?

Jack the Giant Slayer Review

How could slaying giants possibly be dull? Prepare to be shown

The Hunger Games (UK) in September

We get The Hunger Games a few weeks after the American release...

The Hunger Games (US) in August

The box-office hit comes to US homes in mid-August...

The Hunger Games Review

Gary Ross' highly anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins' best-selling novel hits the big screen; were the odds in his favour?

Magic Trip Review

Ken Kesey and the Magic Pranksters embark on an epic journey...