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Irresistible Review

Jon Stewart is back, and he has something to say

The Rhythm Section Review

With such dizzying visuals and questionable narrative and character developments, The Rhythm Section fails to hit the mark.

The Rhythm Section new trailer: Blake Lively masters her breathing to become a stone cold killer

A final look at the book adaptation before it arrives in cinemas next week

The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

Kate McKinnon stands out in what is otherwise an unremarkable film

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Review

This film review will self-destruct in ten seconds. Good luck reader.

The Age of Shadows Review

The Age of Shadows is a taut and atmospheric thriller. It looks and sounds amazing on Blu-ray, and despite the fact that the disc does not contain any real extras, the movie more than makes up for it.

Spy Review

Is Melissa McCarthy's new film enough to make me rethink my stand on American comedy?

The Ipcress File Review

A Caine classic gets the special edition Blu-Ray treatment from Network.

State Affairs Review

Dodgy deals, espionage and a determined cop in Eric Valette's State Affairs. John reviews the new UK DVD

1953 - KGB Unleashed Review

You are working for the KGB during the cold war and...

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (UK) in January

This British thriller is based on the John le Carre Cold War spy novel comes to UK DVD/BD in January...

We Recommend: Pan Am

And the emergency exits are here, here and here...

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

John Le Carre's classic spy novel receives a brilliant new adaptation from the director of Let The Right One In.

Farewell Review

Christian Carion's based-on-a-true-story Cold War spy-thriller stars Emir Kusturica and Guillaume Canet.