Tag: soviet-cinema

Crime and Punishment Review

A 1969 Soviet adaptation of the Dostoevsky classic.

Outskirts Review

Boris Barnet's outstanding WWI picture.

The Soviet Influence: Battleship Potemkin & Drifters Review

How a Russian classic influenced the British documentary movement.

The Childhood of Maxim Gorky Review

The first part of the Gorky Trilogy gets the Hyperkino treatment.

The Girl with the Hat Box Review

Another Soviet classic from the Hyperkino range.

The Heir to Genghis Khan (aka Storm Over Asia) Review

Another Hyperkino edition available exclusively from MovieMail.

The Great Consoler Review

Lev Kuleshov's audacious look at the life and work of American author O. Henry.

Engineer Prite's Project Review

The Hyperkino edition of Lev Kuleshov's directorial debut, now available to UK buyers.

By the Bluest of Seas Review

Boris Barnet's visually stunning Soviet drama, now available to UK buyers.

Po Zakonu (By the Law) Review

Edition Filmmuseum bring Lev Kuleshov's classic Jack London adaptation to DVD with a superb new score by Franz Reisecker.