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"I love jazz! Any time I sit at a piano, it's going to happen!" Interview with Film and TV composer Adam Dorn

Baz Greenland chats to prolific jazz composer, music producer and DJ Adam Dorn about his career, his mentorship under Marcus Miller and his work scoring music for documentary film and television.

The X Files Revisited: 10.05 Babylon

Next up, the nadir of The X Files revival, Babylon...

Iron Fist Netflix show IS happening: Scott Buck appointed as showrunner

Iron Fist will be joining Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to defend New York City...

Could A Spin-Off Of The X Files Be In Development?

The adventures of FBI agents Mills and Einstein?

Introcasts: Enhancing your TV watching

Highly-regarded TV shows are now attracting spoiler-free commentary and conjecture podcasts (introcasts), aimed at people who never saw the shows when they were first on television - a brief overview of the genre.

Top Ten: Last Episodes

Because what has a beginning must surely have an end...