Tag: silent

The Kid Stakes Review

Restored by the National Film and Sound Archive, The Kid Stakes remains a classic Australian silent comedy, still charming and funny to this day.

Buster Keaton: 3 Films (Vol.1) Review

Three timeless Buster Keaton films lovingly restored and presented in a wonderful collection.

Early Women Filmmakers Collection 1911-1940 (4 Blu-ray Set) Review

Zoe looks at the newest collection from the BFI which showcases and celebrates the innovative and influential female filmmakers of early cinema

Michael Review

A breathtaking restoration of a pioneering piece of silent cinema.

Dr Mabuse der Spieler Review

Baz Hood looks at Eureka's excellent release of Fritz Lang's legendary thriller.

The Phantom of the Opera Review

Baz Hood looks at the excellent BFI dual-format release of the seminal Lon Chaney horror movie.

The Epic of Everest Review

Mike Sutton looks at the BFI's dual-format release of this important historical documentary.

Wings from Masters of Cinema in January

Eureka! Entertainment to release WINGS, the very first winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture (1927-1928), in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition as part of their award-winning The Masters of Cinema Series on 27 January 2014.

Nosferatu Review

Murnau's silent classic comes to Blu-Ray from Masters of Cinema.

The Dovzhenko War Trilogy (Zvenigora/Arsenal/Earth) Review

Three films from one of the great directors of Soviet cinema, in a box set from Mr Bongo.

The Artist Review

A black-and-white silent movie made in 2011 - a wonderful and funny tribute to the golden era of Hollywood filmmaking.