Tag: silent-cinema

People on Sunday Review

We review the BFI's newest release of People on Sunday - an early work of six of the finest émigré directors, writers and cinematographers.

London Symphony Review

A poetic journey through the capital.

The Birth of a Nation in July

DW Griffiths' classic (and controversial) silent epic to get the Masters of Cinema treatment.

Underground in June

Dual-format edition for the British silent classic.

Four Films with Asta Nielsen Review

A showcase for one of European cinema's very first female stars.

Restoring Joan: The Making of a Blu-ray

How a silent masterpiece made it to disc.

The Soviet Influence: Battleship Potemkin & Drifters Review

How a Russian classic influenced the British documentary movement.

Wonderful London Review

"The World's Greatest City" as it looked in 1924.

The Girl with the Hat Box Review

Another Soviet classic from the Hyperkino range.

The Heir to Genghis Khan (aka Storm Over Asia) Review

Another Hyperkino edition available exclusively from MovieMail.

Happiness Review

One of the last of the Soviet silents.

By the Bluest of Seas Review

Boris Barnet's visually stunning Soviet drama, now available to UK buyers.

Po Zakonu (By the Law) Review

Edition Filmmuseum bring Lev Kuleshov's classic Jack London adaptation to DVD with a superb new score by Franz Reisecker.