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Dexter to return for a 10-episode limited series

Will it appease fans after that controversial finale?

Homeland 6.11: R Is For Romeo

Saul joins forces with Keane to shut down the disinformation campaign once and for all, while Dar detains Max, and things come to a head for Carrie and Quinn in the penultimate episode of the tense drama series.

Homeland 6.10: The Flag House

Black Ops specialist Dar chooses his moment to play his hand, while Quinn takes a trip down memory lane as he revisits his past, but whether it is a happy journey remains to be seen as the thrilling drama continues.

Dexter: 8.12 - Remember the Monsters?

More best of 2013 with Nick's review of the end of Dexter

Homeland: 3.12 - The Star

Can Carrie and Brody escape from certain death one last time, or is their number finally up?

Homeland: 3.11 - Big Man in Tehran

Brody drags his guilt around Tehran! Can he aim it successfully at the target?

Homeland: 3.08 - A Red Wheelbarrow

Can Carrie ruin another CIA operation in the name of her obsession?

Homeland: 3.07 - Gerontion - Review

How can Homeland follow last week's grisly double murder? Will it be... with talking?

Homeland: 3.06 - Still Positive - Review

Say hello to the new bad guy about town in Homeland this week...

Homeland: 3.05 - The Yoga Play - Review

Dana Brody continues her quest to conquer the world of Homeland...

Homeland: 3.04 - Game On - Review

What is this Game that is On in Homeland this week? Could it be... the start of the plot?

Homeland: 3.03 - Tower of David

This week in Homeland, Brody sits alone and suffers. Party on, Garth.

Homeland: 3.02 - Uh... Oh... Ah... - Review

The second episode of the new Homeland season has a stupid name - is the content any better?

Homeland: 3.01 - Tin Man Is Down - Review

Back to the Homeland - can they recapture some of that shifty, distrusting season one magic?

Dexter: 8.11 - Monkey In A Box

The penultimate episode of Dexter, and they're running out of chances to make this season sing...

Dexter: 8.10 - Goodbye Miami

Back from a short break, can Dexter pull some final-season momentum together?

Seven Dexter Spin-Off Ideas!

With Dexter about to finish, which characters deserve a spin-off showcase? Are any of these shows really going to happen?

Dexter: 8.08 - Are We There Yet?

Can Dexter invest us in his final season by acquiring a family? Or is all hope lost?

Dexter: 8.07 - Dress Code

Hannah McKay is back! Will a bit of ex-girlfriend drama pump up a slow final year?

Dexter: 8.06 - A Little Reflection - Review

The real halfway mark in Dex's final year, and can he finally get things moving?