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Benedict Cumberbatch Approves of 'Elementary'

Sherlock leading man calls the US series "absolutely brilliant".

Benedict Cumberbatch to appear in The Simpsons

Sherlock star stumbles across the role by accident.

News Surfing: Misfits! Red Dwarf! The Hour! Emmys! MORE!

New trailers! New drama! Emmy nominations! Bright orange picket line of doom!

Steven Moffat: Expect new Sherlock villains

Moriarty certainly went with a bang at the end of Series 2... but will he ever return?

CBS's Elementary pilot casts Lucy Liu as "Joan Watson"

US modern-day Sherlock Holmes casts its loyal sidekick, with a couple of big changes.

Explaining US Television

Do you know what sweeps are? Heard of Syndication? Aware of the differences between network, local & cable TV? The Digital Fix endeavours to explain all...

Sherlock third series confirmed by Moffat and Gatiss

Holmes to return to BBC One for a third year!

Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall - Spoiler-Free Preview!

The end is here for Sherlock series 2 - and the great detective himself?

Sherlock: The Hounds Of Baskerville - Spoiler-Free Preview!

Does Sherlock's case of the Hound live up to the famous original?

'Nudity' in Sherlock criticised by The Mail

Lara Pulver playing Irene Adler featured 'nude' in a pre-watershed slot.

Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia - Spoiler-Free Preview!

We deduce whether you should get excited about the great detective's return.

The Christmas Podcast

The very first podcast of Television @ The Digital Fix - and it's Christmas themed!

New Year Sherlock return confirmed by Steven Moffat

The new series to debut on the same day as 2012.

New Sherlock on New Year's Day?

Sherlock could be back very, very soon.

CBS to make a modern day Sherlock Holmes... wait, haven't we seen that somewhere before?

With BBC Sherlock still in production, are CBS' plans for a remake a little premature?

Life in Moscow

BBC hit drama Life On Mars to be remade in Russia.