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Steven Moffat developing The Time Traveler's Wife adaptation for HBO

More timey wimeyness from the man behind Sherlock and Doctor Who...

Patrick Melrose: 1.01 Bad News

Baz Greenland discusses the masterful performance of Benedict Cumberbatch in the opening episode of Patrick Melrose.

10 Authors Who Deserve an Anthology TV Series

Benedict Seal submits 10 authors whose work would be ripe for an anthology series on the small screen...

Can a TV show survive the loss of its leading star?

Can a TV show survive the loss of its leading star? From The X Files to Doctor Who, Baz Greenland looks considers the successes and failures of shows past...

Guessed the spoiler? Are modern audiences too savvy for TV show twists?

Baz Greenland looks into the murky waters of TV twists and wonders if modern audiences are too experienced to ever be surprised...

Sherlock: 4.03 The Final Problem

Season four closes with the Final Problem, and there's an East Wind blowing in, turning the entire world on its head. Everything's at stake in this final episode.

Sherlock: 4.02 The Lying Detective

This season's arc proceeds at pace, delivering us a new antagonist, a devastating cliffhanger, and our couple reunited.

Sherlock: 4.01 The Six Thatchers

Six busts, three Watsons and a spy thriller nobody saw coming.

Hidden Gems - Digital Treasures, January 2017

Desperate to find something to watch on streaming TV in January? We've put together a selection of shows available now, from the brand new to the classic, that you might consider watching next.

Trailer round up: New Doctor Who Christmas special and Sherlock series four teasers

Superheroes in New York on darkest secrets revealed in London? The BBC has it all for you this Christmas and New Year...

Sherlock series four will begin airing on New Year's Day

Sherlock series four will kick off with The Six Thatchers on the 1st January.

First two episode titles for Sherlock series four revealed

The Six Thatchers will kick of the fourth series of the critically-acclaimed BBC series...

Sherlock series four trailer

Is Moriarty really back? And what secrets does Sherlock have? It's the latest dark and forbidding trailer for series four...

Grand Admiral Thrawn officially joins the Star Wars canon in Star Wars Rebels season three

The iconic Star Wars villain moves from the expanded Star Wars universe to the official Star Wars canon when Star Wars Rebels returns for its third season...

Doctor Who series 10: Three new writers announced and Matt Lucas to return

Nardole will be back on Doctor Who, while a series eight and a series nine writer will join Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for next year's tenth series...

Toby Jones joins Sherlock series four in villainous role

Toby Jones set to bring to life one of 'Doyle’s finest villains' as he joins Sherlock series four.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Sherlock goes back to the Victorian era in this fun, indulgent and thrilling festive special...