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Dawn of the Dead Blu-ray Review

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth" - George Romero's classic returns in a dazzling new HD release.

The Boys in the Band Blu-ray Review

As the new film version of Mart Crowley's groundbreaking play of gay life, The Boys in the Band, is released, a look back at the 1970 film version directed by William Friedkin, on Blu-ray from Second Sight.

Magic Review

Gottle o' geer! Anthony Hopkins plays an unhinged ventriloquist in Magic.

World on a Wire Review

A new UK Blu-ray release of the restoration of Fassbinder's 1973 SF series World on a Wire

Blu-ray Review: Berlin Alexanderplatz

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's epic fifteen-hour television miniseries Berlin Alexanderplatz, from Alfred Döblin's novel, comes to Blu-ray from Second Sight.

Ciao Manhattan Review

Edie Sedgwick, one of the faces of Andy Warhol's Factory, plays a character largely based on herself in Ciao Manhattan, a cult film from 1972 now released on Blu-ray by Second Sight.

Heimat Review

Edgar Reitz's epic of German history of most of the twentieth century in a small German village, made for television but also released in cinemas, is a masterpiece of both the large screen and the small.

The Amityville Horror Review

The Amityville Horror hasn't really aged well, but it hasn't aged badly either, it just kind of is. The extras do a lot to explore the story behind the film and the cast interviews are entertaining, and these make this limited edition worth it for the hardcore fan

The Beaster Bunny Review

So an Easter themed horror film, The Beaster Bunny directed by the Snygg Brothers, what could go wrong?

Midnight Run Review

The furiously foul-mouthed action comedy hits UK Blu-ray.

Creepshow in October

Stephen King and George A. Romero's 80s horror anthology coming to UK Blu.

The Brood Review

Mike looks at the Second Sight Blu-Ray release of David Cronenberg's first masterpiece.

Quest for Fire in August

Blu-ray upgrade for Jean-Jacques Annaud's prehistoric adventure.

Possession in July *NEW ARTWORK*

Blu-ray treatment for Zulawski's modern classic.

The Long Riders Review

Walter Hill's beautiful Western comes to Region B Blu-Ray from Second Sight.

The Brood in July

More Cronenberg in High Definition.

Static in July

Critically acclaimed creepy horror on its way to UK DVD.