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Electra, My Love Review

With its boldest foray into Blu-ray so far, Second Run goes HD for the sun-kissed colors of seventies Miklos Jancso

The Shop on the High Street Review

An Oscar winner, this Slovakian masterpiece gets the royal treatment by Second Run

Joshua Oppenheimer - Early Works Review

A dozen early films by the documentary filmmaker of The Act of Killing via Second Run

Stuff and Dough (Marfa si banii) Review

The film that kicked off the Romanian New Wave comes to DVD via Second Run

Something Different (O necem jinem)/A Bagful of Fleas (Pytel blech) - Two Films by Vera Chytilova Review

Vera Chytilova's debut feature, kickstarting the Czech New Wave, is joined by an early short

All My Good Countrymen (Vsichni dobri rodac) Review

A beautiful Czech epic is Second Run DVD's latest cinema rescue

Polish Cinema Classics Volume III Review

Second Run adds The Cruise, Camouflage, and Shivers to its Polish Classics series

Pictures of the Old World (Obrazy stareho sveta) Review

Voted as the best Slovak film of all time, Dusan Hanak's documentary gets a lovely DVD release

Kinetta Review

The first film from the director of Dogtooth and The Lobster gets the Second Run treatment

Sofia's Last Ambulance (Poslednata lineika na Sofia) Review

An intense, up-close documentary from Second Run about a trio of Bulgarian medical workers

A Jester's Tale (Blaznova kronika) Review

Second Run DVD welcomes a delightful mixture of live-action and animation from Czech director Karel Zeman

Man of Marble Review

A masterpiece of Polish cinema from Andrzej Wajda that still feels remarkably vital

Transport from Paradise (Transport z ráje) Review

A Czech New Wave classic with an unusual take on Nazi camps hits via Second Run DVD

The Sun in a Net (Slnko v sieti) Review

Youth and sun without the beach balls in this highly regarded Czechoslovakian film released on DVD by Second Run

Second Run Release Here, Then in June

Award-winning Chinese drama coming soon...

Polish Cinema Classics Volume II Review

More Polish delights from Second Run, as films by Wajda, Zanussi and Marczewski make up this second volume

Man of the Story Review

Second Run return to the work of Adoor Gopalakrishnan for another international DVD debut.

Polish Cinema Classics Review

Second Run adds a quartet of Polish classics by Wajda, Munk, Kawalerowicz, and Janusz Morgenstern to its catalog

Diary for My Children (Second Run) in September

Second Run DVD presents the first of Márta Mészáros’ renowned trilogy of ‘Diary’ films on UK DVD this September...

Three films by Marc Isaacs in June

Second Run DVD presents three films by filmmaker Marc Isaacs on UK DVD at the end of June...