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It's graduation, which means Glee as we know it is disbanding. Try not to cry or anything.


New Directions take on Nationals one last time. It's the end of an era or something.


AKA How Tina Got Her Groove Back.


It's prom, which can only mean one thing: One Direction, Jurassic Park and a Prom Queen reveal. Right?


Rachel and Kurt face the music, but aren't the only ones challenged this week.

Dance with Somebody

Things get so emotional as the Glee kids prepare to say goodbye to Whitney and each other.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Thursday night fever, as Glee struts under the glitterball.

Big Brother

Family strife and lower body paralysis. Thank the Glee gods for Sue Sylvester.

On My Way

Teen suicide, teen marriage and lots of teen singing. This is Glee, dontchaknow?


Silly love songs from a heart-shaped episode of Glee.

The Spanish Teacher

Glee gets la vida loca with a little help from Ricky Martin. O-kayyyy...


Chamone! Glee does Jacko and the result is expectedly entertaining.


Glee club is back in session, with wedding bells a-ringing and Dame Helen Mirren's voice on loan.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Glee's second Christmas special is an early festive treat.

Hold on to Sixteen

Oh, grow up. Or don't. Glee does Sectionals.

I Kissed a Girl

Girls just wanna have fun. But oh, those pesky consequences...

Mash Off

Mash-up week (and dodgeball) brings the fun factor back.

The First Time

Touched for the very first time - Glee gets sexy.

Pot O' Gold

Glee gets some of its magic back with the aid of a leprechaun. Wait, whu?