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Bridgerton: Season One-Review

Shonda Rhimes' first production for Netflix is a wonderfully entertaining period drama that brings a brilliant sense of the modern to a genre similar to that of so many Shondaland series'.

The X Files Revisited: 8.06 Redrum

Our next 'The X Files' Revisited features Joe Morton as a man travelling back through time to solve his wife's murder. Baz Greenland looks back at this latest season eight episode...

Agents Of SHIELD and Once Upon A Time to return in first slate of ABC renewals

Agents Of SHIELD is back for season four - but no news on Agent Carter though...

Television Top Trumps - Will Bailey vs David Rosen

Jacki Badger pits Will from The West Wing against David from Scandal; which Joshua Malina Washington DC politician will get the vote?

Television Top Trumps - Ellis Grey vs Sally Langston

Two of Shonda Rhimes' power women pitted against each other; this week Jacki Badger asks who is better - Kate Burton's Ellis Grey or Kate Burton's Sally Langston?

Last week today or the week in short: 2nd March 2015

More of the team review the weeks telly in a line or two.

Last week today: The week in short

A new, weekly round-up of TV. In as few a words as possible.

The Winter Finale - When Did This Become A Thing?

Are we getting two seasons in one? Or is it just a jazzed-up mid-season cliff-hanger to keep audiences hooked?

Rampart (UK) in July

This police-thriller starring Woody Harrelson comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in July...