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The action legends reunite 16 years after their last appearance together

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Janus films restore this often-overlooked classic for a small release next year

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The story of how Mikhail Khodorkovsky dared to face-off against Russia’s long-ruling leader

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The horrors of war traumatise two women in 1945 Russia

Dau trailer: An incredible film experiment that consumed the lives of everyone involved

7 years after production finished, we may finally see Ilya Khrzhanovsky's work in some form

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Half man, half alien and one forgettable film

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The story of a young boy caught between the cold hearts and minds of his parents

LFF 2017: Loveless Review

Andrey Zvyagintsev's film looks at the lack of care that permeates society today.

Pathologic Classic HD Review

High definition, but not exactly classic.

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Going Underground...Again

Chernobyl Diaries Review

Its central premise may have triggered some fallout, and whilst it drums up some initial intrigue, you're unlikely to experience a substantial reaction from Bradley Parker's nuclear horror shocker.

Russian Mars Probe Phobos Grunt returns to earth with a splash.

The failed Russian Probe, Phobos Grunt fell back to Earth yesterday and whatever debris survived re-entry splashed down into the Pacific ocean.

Life in Moscow

BBC hit drama Life On Mars to be remade in Russia.