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Singles of the Week

A mighty fine assortment this week but there can be only one winner<p> <center><b><u>Single of the Week</u></b></center>

Various - Boardwalk Empire, Volume 2: Music From The HBO Original Series

Tumbler full? Flapper dress on? Good, Nucky's throwing a party.

New swing album from Robbie Williams

Check out some video footage inside.

Loudon Wainwright III - Older Than My Old Man Now

An amusing, poignant and always enjoyable return from Rufus and Martha's pops.

Singles of the Week

<div align="center"><b><u>Single of the Week</b></u></div> <br> Any other week and either <b>Dry The River</b> or <b>Bleech</b> would have had the crown in their grasp. It's not their fault they came out in the same week as...

Duke Special - The Glee Club, Birmingham

Just how Special is Sir Duke upon his return to Glee?

Rufus Wainwright - Milwaukee At Last!!!

The ever-so-shy Rufus Wainwright treats us to a CD/DVD package showcasing his most recent tour.