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Batwoman: 2.11 Arrive Alive

Ryan's quest to take down Black Mask has unforeseen consequences while Alice hits an unexpected roadblock in her quest to eliminate her memories of Kate.

Batwoman: 2.10 Time Off for Good Behavior

The story of Batwoman takes a massive leap forward in 'Time Off for Good Behavior' as Batwoman tackles another ongoing social issue and Commander Kane faces a crisis that may ultimately break him.

Batwoman: 2.09 Rule #1

Black Mask arrives in Gotham with a spine-chilling performance you have to see to believe.

Batwoman: 2.08 Survived Much Worse

Batwoman finally comes to Coryana in 'Suffered Much Worse' but things are not what they seem and nothing will ever be the same again.

Batwoman: 2.07 It's Best You Stop Digging

The final puzzle pieces of Alice's past are put together, while the journey to find a way to Coryana hits a major snag.

Batwoman: 2.06 Do Not Resuscitate

A potential endgame begins to take shape for the season, as all roads begin to point to Coryana.

Batwoman: 2.05 Gore on Canvas

Ryan is forced into a partnership with the Crows in order to steal a painting that might be the key to finding Coryana...and Kate.

Batwoman: 2.04 Fair Skin, Blue Eyes

An episodes that addresses some dark issues and shows us a painful episode from Ryan's past.

Batwoman: 2.03 Bat Girl Magic!

The story of Batwoman picks up steam as Ryan makes the Batsuit her own while Alice comes face to face with Safiyah, who has more than a few surprises up her sleeve.

Batwoman 2.01: What Happened to Kate Kane?

The season two premiere of Batwoman, introduces the world to Ryan Wilder, an unassuming individual who suddenly finds herself in possession of Batwoman's suit.

Can a TV show survive the loss of its leading star?

With Batwoman changing its lead for season two, Baz Greenland looks considers the successes and failures of shows past from The X Files to Doctor Who...

Batwoman: 1.18 If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You

Plenty more twists and turns as Batwoman heads towards it season finale...

Batwoman: 1.17 A Narrow Escape

Kate continues to struggle with being Batwoman while dealing with a new threat to Gotham.

Batwoman: 1.16 Through the Looking-Glass

Batwoman delivers one if its strongest episodes yet.

Batwoman: 1.15 Off With Her Head

Further flashbacks reveal Alice's tragic past...

Batwoman: 1.14 Grinning From Ear to Ear

A heart wrenching and at times disturbing episode of Batwoman...