Tag: roots

Campfire Tales: a chat with Vikesh Kapoor

We have a chat with the Pennsylvanian storyteller.

Campfire Tales: May 2014

Them bones, them bones, them Bones of J.R. Jones. Just one of the highlights of a solid month in campfire country.

Hurray For The Riff Raff - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Five English pounds to the first person who makes a 'kitchen sink' reference!

Amanda Shires - St Bonaventure's, Bristol

The Amanda Shires Show: funny, beautiful, tender, and great. With added husband.

Campfire Tales: March 2014

The usual selection of quality roots music, now with added interrogation!

Campfire Tales: February 2014

Max manages to squeeze in his country/folk/roots round-up just before we flip our Handsome Firefighters calendar over.

Lily and Madeleine

Sisters are doing folk for themselves.

The Band - Live At The Academy Of Music 1971

More classic rock re-issued. Worthwhile or worthless?

Campfire Tales: August 2013

Max pulls on his chaps and heads out West.

Valerie June - Pushin' Against A Stone

Proper American roots from Jacksonville, Tennessee. And it's good.