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Little Monsters director Abe Forsythe signs on for RoboCop Returns

The fifth film in the franchise is still on course to head into production

RoboCop Review

As the remake draws near, Geoff casts his eye over the newly remastered release of the original classic.

Another RoboCop trailer hits the internet

Still not looking as bad as we'd expected!

The TDF Film News Roundup

Star Wars release date announced, The Lego Movie has a trailer, Olympus Has Fallen gets a sequel and news on the Entourage movie all await in this weeks Friday Roundup.

The New Robocop Trailer Is Here

Our second look at next years Robocop remake is here.

RoboCop trailer and stills

José Padilha's RoboCop trailer has arrived.

Laurie is out of Robocop

But Clive Owen might be in. <br/>

Robocop Trilogy (UK/US BD) in October

All three Robocop films in one Blu-ray set this October...

White Tulip

'White Tulip' is the requisit time-travel episode but done in such a way as to drive forward the arc of the main character.