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Lucifer: 1.01 Pilot

Baz Greenland checks out the pilot episode of Lucifer, the last comic-based TV show now available to view on Amazon...

End of year television review: The best and worst of 2015

A band of TV writers at The Digital Fix got together to discuss this year's TV highs and lows. Do you agree with our choices?

Amazon renews Ripper Street for series four and five

There's no end in sight for Inspector Edmund Reid...

Ripper Street will be back...

It's cancelled. No it's not. Well done Amazon.

Ripper Street: 2.08 - Our Betrayal, Part 2

More best of 2013. The end of Ripper Street - unless someone rescues it...

Ripper Street: 2.07 - Our Betrayal, Part 1

Ripper Street is in it's prime. Seriously, what are the BBC thinking?

Ripper Street: 2.06 - A Stronger Loving World

Why are we nearing the end of Ripper Street when it's getting stronger and stronger.

Ripper Street: 2.05 - Threads Of Silk And Gold

Catching you right up to date with the other Whitchapel....

Ripper Street: Series 2 catch up

Ripper Street, more fun than it should be.

Ripper Street: 1.08 - What Use Our Work?

One last hurrah for the Whitechapel police - can they finally escape the shadow of Jack The Ripper?

Ripper Street: 1.07 - A Man Of My Company

It's the penultimate Ripper Street, and Captain Jackson's secrets are laid bare.

Ripper Street: 1.06 - Tournament of Shadows

Ripper Street gets political - will the people punch the police?

Ripper Street renewed for second series by BBC!

CSI: Whitechapel returns for a second series!

Ripper Street: 1.05 - The Weight Of One Man's Heart

Ripper Street spotlights Sergeant Drake - can he take the pressure?

Ripper Street: 1.04 - The Good Of This City

Progress marches on, and people are getting screwed over by it. Just another week on Ripper Street!

Ripper Street: 1.03 - The King Came Calling

Cholera comes calling in this week's Whitechapel police drama - can they kick it?

Ripper Street - 1.02 - In My Protection

Does the second week of the BBC's Victorian crime drama represent an industrial revolution?