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Resident Alien: 1.09 Welcome Aliens

An alien walks into an alien convention...

Resident Alien: 1.08 The End Of The World As We Know It

A dramatic episode of Resident Alien has a shocking reveal for one character.

Syfy renews Resident Alien for a second season

Harry's mission to wipe out humanity - and watch Law & Order - is not over yet.

Resident Alien: 1.07 The Green Glow

Harry finds his place in humanity in the funniest episode of Resident Alien yet.

Resident Alien: 1.06 Sexy Beast

Life gets more complicated for Harry in the latest Resident Alien.

Resident Alien: 1.05 Love Language

Harry is married. But he knows nothing about human love...

Resident Alien: 1.04 Birds of a Feather

Awkward dinner parties and covert missions in the latest Resident Alien.

Resident Alien: 1.02 Homesick

Harry adjusts to his new life in Colorado in the second episode of Resident Alien.

Resident Alien: 1.01 Pilot

Alan Tudyk playing an alien impersonating a human? Does the pilot live up to that potential?