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Rebellion Festival preview: Twenty years young

Rebellion Festival celebrates the 40th Anniversary of punk

Sniper Elite III Review

Relocation, relocation, relocation.

'Scalped' artist Guera to take on Dredd

Scalped artist RM Guera draws Dredd for Megazine in 'The Man Who Comes Around'

Judge Dredd

Mega City One is on the brink of disaster. With the Chaos virus, a weakened justice department and the Dark Judges unleashed, will Mega City One survive?

Win Sniper Elite V2 on XBOX/PC

Enter to win! It's worth a shot.

Sniper Elite V2 Review

Steady that hand and pull the trigger!

Sniper Elite V2 Q&A

Rebellion give us some words about Sniper Elite V2. BOOM! Headshot!