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Power 6.04: "Why is Tommy Still Alive?"

Ghost faces his demons in the very aptly named 'Why is Tommy Still Alive?'.

Power: 6.03 Forgot About Dre

50 Cent makes his directorial debut in season six's latest episode,

Power: 6.02 Whose Side Are You On

The Tommy and Ghost feud is now well under way as Power continues its final season.

Power: 6.01 Murderers

Power gives a big opening as an intense final season begins

Interview with film and TV Composer Jeff Russo

Baz Greenland chat to Emmy award-winning composer Jeff Russo about his work on Star Trek: Discovery, Legion and more...

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion Review

Epic, Mickey? Or is it all an illusion?

I Am Love Review

Love will tear us apart...

Moloch Tropical Review

Raoul Peck takes Sokurov's film version of Adolf Hitler's regime and applies it to contemporary Haiti.