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Cannes 2019: Bacurau Review

Kleber Mendonça Filho's follow-up to the acclaimed Aquarius shares some similarities

Facebook bans racist hate group Britain First

Good news, even if it took a long time in coming

Darkest Hour Review

A man with the heart of a nation

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George A. Romero's 'forgotten' features are well worth a look.

Oscars 2017 - Foreign Language nominees release joint statement

A message of compassion from international filmmakers

Suburra Review

An ambitious political crime thriller which recalls the strength of Italian cinema in the genre

Borgen returns with a boxset....

Everyone's favourite coalition leader is returning to our screens...

Something in the Air (Après mai) Review

Lock up the streets and houses, because the revolution's here...

Moloch Tropical Review

Raoul Peck takes Sokurov's film version of Adolf Hitler's regime and applies it to contemporary Haiti.

Il Divo Review

Paolo Sorrentino, director of The Consequences of Love, is back with another flawed but enigmatic character, this time the real-life Italian politician and statesman Giulio Andreotti.

Gardens in Autumn Review

Otar Iosseliani's absurdly comic touch is applied to the world of politics, when a government minister falls from power and tries to recover meaning in his life. Noel Megahey reviews Artificial Eye's DVD.