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Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Love Express - The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk Review

Walerian Borowczyk was a one-time arthouse darling turned alleged pornographer, with an effect on his reputation. This film tells that story, with contributions from friends and collaborators and other filmmakers.

Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Nina Review

Nina and her husband are trying for a child, but a potential surrogacy agreement takes a different turn when Nina falls for the potential surrogate. Showing in the 17th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in London.

Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Monument Review

Twenty students working internships at a resort hotel, but the truth is stranger that in first appears. Monument is showing at the 17th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in London.

Londoners (Londyńczycy) Review

Michael Brooke has reviewed the Polish DVD release of this much-hyped TV series about expat Poles struggling to survive in a fast-moving city whose golden pavements are proving somewhat elusive.