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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

Fans who have long forgotten the details of the cases they worked through years ago and new players alike are going to find a lot to like about this new version, with improved, HD graphics, better quality sound and a refined interface all coming together to make a solidly entertaining look back at a classic and unusual series.

Anthem Review

Already divisive in the gaming community, here's our take on Bioware's new IP

Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil 2 is a near perfect remake full of impressive visuals, grotesque designs, sharp gunplay and a simple, effective plot. With only a couple of incredibly minor niggles such as occasionally wooden scripting and performance taking the smallest amount of shine off an otherwise beautifully polished and restored piece of video game history, Capcom have proven that even an aged classic can meet modern expectations.

WWE 2K19 Review

As a complete package, WWE 2K19 is offering a lot of content with a decent amount of polish and effort put into elevating the story mode after lackluster outings in recent years, but there's little that's changed at the core.

Warriors Orochi 4 Review

Warriors Orochi 4 is packed full of everything a long running fan of the series or even occasional onlooker might want, be it characters, levels, the ability to upgrade weapons and level up warriors, the escalation of already potent fighting abilities or even just the often silly conversations it's possible to unlock by having certain warriors fight together consistently.

The Best Playstation Deals

We're always looking for the best Playstation console and game deals! Come see what treats we've got for you today...

Dragon Quest Builders Review

Minecraft with 500% more dragons.

Dead Rising Triple Pack Review

You can't keep a good undead down.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Review

Professional sport has never looked so amateurish.

Tearaway Unfolded Review

Anything but two-dimensional.