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Showtime orders a sequel series to Penny Dreadful 'City of Angels'

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels will be set in 1938 Los Angeles.

Star Trek: Discovery adds five more actors to its cast

Two Starfleet officers and three Klingon leaders join the expanding cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

Penny Dreadful: 3.07 Ebb Tide, 3.08 Perpetual Night, 3.09 The Blessed Dark

Daniel Theophanous reflects on the end of Penny Dreadful as he reviews the final three episodes of season three...

Penny Dreadful to end with season three

The show's creator ended the show on his terms.

Penny Dreadful 3.04 A Blade Of Grass 3.05 The World Is Our Hell 3.06 No Beast So Fierce

Penny Dreadful still very much disturbs and excites. Daniel Theophanous reviews Penny Dreadful Season 3, episode 4, 5 and 6

Penny Dreadful: 3.03 Good and Evil Braided Be

Does Penny Dreadful's Wild West measure up to Victorian London?

Penny Dreadful: 3.02 Predators Far and Near

Daniel Theophanous continues his reviews of Penny Dreadful season three...

Penny Dreadful: 3.01 The Day Tennyson Died

Daniel Theophanous reviews the first episode of Penny Dreadful season three, which returned to Sky Atlantic this week...

End of year television review: The best and worst of 2015

A band of TV writers at The Digital Fix got together to discuss this year's TV highs and lows. Do you agree with our choices?

Penny Dreadful 1.07 & 1.08

The first season of Penny Dreadful is over. Did the final two episodes leave us basking in the light of televisual prowess? Or disavowed from the demimonde?

Penny Dreadful 1.05 & 1.06

It’s a bumper edition of the Penny Dreadful reviews this week, as both episodes five, Closer than Sisters and six, What Death Can Join Together, prove to be the best yet.

Penny Dreadful 1.04 Demimonde

From orgies to orchids, this week's Penny Dreadful has a serious bash at some decent character development.

Penny Dreadful 1.03 Resurrection

A stronger episode of Penny Dreadful this week, as Rory Kinnear takes centre stage.

Penny Dreadful: 1.02 Séance

It's an inconsistent episode of Penny Dreadful this week, but boasting strong performances and dark, emotive set pieces.

Penny Dreadful: 1.01 Night Work

An intriguing first episode for new television horror, Penny Dreadful.

What we're looking forward to in 2014

2014 will bring back TV favourites and a few new gems. John looks forward...