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To binge or to watch weekly. What's the best way to watch TV?

Steven Slatter looks at different ways of watching TV and if binging or watching weekly is best.

Peaky Blinders: 3.06

The final episode, and there's betrayal on all sides. How will the Shelby's stand at the end, who lives and dies?

Peaky Blinders: 3.05

Tom Hardy returns to Peaky Blinders!

Peaky Blinders: 3.04

Peaky Blinders continues, with perhaps its strongest episode so far.

BBC renews Peaky Blinders for a fourth AND fifth series

There's plenty more to come from Tommy Shelby and the Peaky Blinders gang...

Peaky Blinders: 3.03

Curses and conspiracy, Peaky Blinders continues to capture our attention.

Peaky Blinders: 3.02

Is the honeymoon over for Tommy and Grace? Will their nuptials be overshadowed with Russian conspiracies, and fights not sought after? Peaky Blinders continues.

Peaky Blinders: 3.01

Peaky Blinders returns for season three. And what better way to begin than with a wedding!

Peaky Blinders: 2.06

Imperfect, rushed and troubling, but still excellent.

Peaky Blinders: 2.03

Whether family or war, it’s all about blood.

Peaky Blinders: 2.02

The one where Tom Hardy is the very best Tom Hardy that he can be.

Peaky Blinders: 2.01

Season 2 of <b>Peaky Blinders</b> starts with a bang.

Peaky Blinders: Season 1 Recap

On Thursday the 2nd of October, Peaky Blinders returns to BBC 2, so here’s a recap of season one.

Tom Hardy joins Peaky Blinders for Season 2

Dark Knight Rises star to appear in 1920s BBC drama