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Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep

One of the scariest of all 1960s Doctor Who stories, Fury from the Deep is a lost story, now released in animated form on Blu-ray.

The TDF Top 10: Classic Doctor Who (1963 - 1989)

In the next Doctor Who TDF Top 10, Baz Greenland picks the 10 greatest stories of the classic era (1963-1989)

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks - Special Edition

Newly animated and with the original soundtrack, the missing Doctor Who story introducing the Second Doctor comes to Blu-ray.

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who - The Faceless Ones

The partly-missing Doctor Who story from 1967 sees the Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben fighting an alien threat at Gatwick Airport.

Blu-Ray Review: Doctor Who -The Macra Terror

A lost Doctor Who story from 1967 comes to life in animated form, and is released on Blu-ray.

DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World - Special Edition

Once mostly lost, then found again and now out on a special edition DVD, Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World pits the Second Doctor against his evil doppelganger Salamander.

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks

A new Doctor and a lost story come to life, now also in colour!

Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace

The surviving episodes of this Second Doctor adventure come to DVD.

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear

Rediscovered after having been lost for decades, the Doctor's encounter with the Yeti in the London Underground comes to DVD.

Doctor Who: The Moonbase

The second Doctor gets a rematch with the Cybermen on the lunar surface, with the two missing episodes reconstructed via animation.

Doctor Who: What the Doctors did next

Matt Smith moves on to American Psycho but what did the other Doctors get up to after Who?

Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World

Recently rediscovered, this once mostly lost Second Doctor story, with Patrick Troughton playing both hero and villain, comes to DVD.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Five Essential Stories

Five of the best Doctor Who stories revealed by John...

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors

The Doctor's first encounter with the tall reptilian creatures from Mars comes to DVD, with animated reconstructions of its two missing episodes.

Weird Adventures in June

Latest Children's Film Foundation volume from the BFI...

Doctor Who: The Krotons

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe land on the planet of the Gonds who are enslaved by the robotic Krotons, in this adventure from 1968-69.

Lost Doctor Who episodes rematerialised

Missing episodes featuring the First and Second Doctor revealed at BFI.

The War Games in July

It has finally been officially confirmed that July's release in 2|Entertain's Classic Doctor Who series will be Patrick Troughton's epic last story, <b>The War Games.</b> The ten parter, the second longest single Doctor Who story ever made (discounting Trial of a Time Lord), was first broadcast in Spring 1969 and saw the Second Doctor and his companions Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) landing on what appears to be Earth during the First World War. The three soon find that all is not as it seems, however, when they find themselves travelling between time zones, each of which is based around a different war during Earth's history. Who is controlling the time zones, and to what purpose, and can the time travellers survive long enough to get to the centre of the web? Co-written by Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks, the story is famous not only as Troughton's final adventure but also as the story which finally revealed where the Doctor came from, and introduced us to his people the Time Lords, and is a more than welcome addition to the range.