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Re-cycle Review

Kev dives into The Re-cycle as Cine Du Monde grants it a UK release this week.

The Storm Warriors Review

This Hong Kong swordplay sequel directed by The Pang Brothers is a CGI action-extravaganza. Dave checks out UK BD...

The Messengers Review

A new home, a fresh start and some very old ideas about what makes a horror film...

The Messengers Review

The Pang Brothers (Bangkok Dangerous, The Eye) make their Hollywood debut with this ghost story in which an unwary family moves into a haunted farmhouse. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Re-Cycle Review

Chinese horror meisters The Pang Brothers return to form in this visually stunning fantasy that is best described as an Asian Alice in Monster Land. One of the most eye-popping films of the year out now on R3HK DVD.

The Eye 2 Review

Anthony Nield reviews the Region 2 release <i>The Eye 2</i>, the Pang brothers' lightweight and repetitious follow-up to their original horror success.

The Eye 10 Review

The Eye series reaches it's third installment in this mish-mash of concepts and ideas that never once gets close to hitting the mark. Colin Polonowski has reviewed the Region 0 Hong Kong DTS release of The Eye 10.

The Eye Review

<b>Colin Polonowski</b> has reviewed the Region 0 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=1247&story=4189">The Eye</a>, a creepy, spooky horror film from Hong Kong on a cheap and cheeful non-anamorphic DVD.<p>