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Gaza Review

First-hand stories of those trapped inside Gaza

Gaza trailer: See what life is like inside the closed borders

Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell document the reality of life for those in Gaza

Foxtrot Review

A heavy-handed approach to the futility of war

The Judge Review

A fitting testament to an inspirational woman

LFF 2018: Unsettling Review

An unsettling documentary which challenges and moves

Wajib Review

Father and son hit the road

LFF 2017: Wajib Review

Unspoken family truths always rise to the surface in the end.

Miral Review

Julian Schnabel follows The Diving Bell and the Butterfly with another biopic, set this time during the conflict in Palestine.

Terror's Advocate Review

Barbet Schroeder’s documentary feature examines the fascinating character of Jacques Vergès, a French lawyer who has defended the cases and the actions of high-profile international terrorists, Nazis and war criminals. Noel Megahey reviews the Artificial Eye release.