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Swinging Safari Review

Stephan Elliott's fast-paced comedy of 70s Australia is at once affectionate, kitschy and savagely funny. Showing in the Oz Film Festival in London.

Blue Review

Blue takes us to various parts of the world intimately connected with the sea, and how they are under threat from overfishing and plastics pollution, and what we could do about it. Showing at the Oz Film Festival in London.

Oz Film Festival: The Butterfly Tree Review

The closing night film of the 2018 Oz Film Festival, The Butterfly Tree is a visually stunning film about a woman arriving in town and the effect she has on a father and son.

Oz Film Festival: The BBQ Review

The BBQ shows Kenny star Shane Jacobson as another Aussie battler, but with barbecues instead of portaloos. Co-starring Magda Szubanski.

Oz Film Festival: Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story Review

Showing at the Oz Film Festival, Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story is a controversial and sometimes harrowing look at Australia's treatment of its national icon and leaves the viewer with plenty to think about.

Oz Film Festival: Ellipsis Review

The opening night film of the Oz Film Festival in London, David Wenham's feature directing debut is an engaging and bittersweet story of what happens in a day and night in Sydney when a young man and woman meet by chance.

Oz Film Festival: Australian Films in London 6-8 July 2018

The second Oz Film Festival takes place 6-8 July 2018 and offers a weekend of new and classic Australian films in London.