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Good Omens Review

Heavenly good or Hellishly bad? Good Omens sits firmly inbetween...

American Gods: 1.08 Come to Jesus

The final episode of season one of American Gods, wherein war has come and spring is taken.

American Gods: 1.07 A Prayer For Mad Sweeney

Emily Browning, take two, in the tale of the unluckiest leprechaun ever to have graced this world or the next.

American Gods: 1.06 A Murder of Gods

Forged in battle, and lost in sacrifice. American Gods continues to weave along the roads of mythic America.

American Gods: 1.05 Lemon Scented You

The politest Valhalla you ever saw, when Ian McShane confronts Crispin Glover.

American Gods: 1.03 Head Full of Snow

Snow and Shadows, Fire and Ice. In this third episode of Brian Fuller's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's bestselling novel, the world continues to unfold, the show finds it's audience and characters and viewers are finally ready to believe.

American Gods: 1.02 The Secret of the Spoons

The road trip continues to the slavic deities of Chicago. How much will Shadow have to sacrifice, for Mr Wednesday to be satisfied?

American Gods: 1.01 The Bone Orchard

Gods Alive! Does the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's bestselling novel survive the scrutiny of expectation?

Neil Gaiman to write episodes for American Gods

Fantasy author is going to be hands on with the TV adaptation of his work...

Could American Gods be coming to TV after all?

HBO's back out might not have sounded the death knell for the TV adaptation.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman coming to the big screen

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David S. Goyer behind the adaptation

Neverwhere coming back to Radio 4

Audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere gets another broadcast.