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Week Four

Four weeks in. How many weeks left?

Week Three

And the series plods on.

Week Two

Is week two any better than week one?

Week One

It's back, it's big, and it's oh-so bad

Origamibiro - Shakkei

Naturally good with their hands.

Hhymn - In The Depths

Is it sink or swim for Hhymn's debut album?

Horse Guards Parade - Ten Songs

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Alvarez Kings - Patience is Strength

Do you need strength to listen to the EP?

Oh No Oh My - People Problems

The Strange Case of Oh No Oh My.

An interview with Marla

The lovely lass takes time to talk to TMF.

Ben Weaver interview

We delve into his Minnesotan mind.

Alex Cornish - Call Back

Congratulations Alex, you've got a call back.


What's in a name when blissed out electro is the game?

Hurts - Happiness

Could there be a hint of irony in the title I wonder?