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Don't Look Now 4K Review

The psychology of grief and the effect a child's death can have on a marriage

Le Crime de Monsieur Lange Review

His name is Amédée Lange, and he murdered Batala in Paris

My Friend Dahmer Review

The diary of a teenage serial killer

Breakheart Pass Review

Breakheart Pass was the end of the line.

The Cat O'Nine Tails Review

This Argento doesn't quite "out-Psycho" Psycho.

The Silence of the Lambs Review

The Silence of the Lambs is still a film of remarkable power and intensity, undiminished 26 years on from its initial release.

The Sexy Brutale Review

It's my party and I'll die if I want to.

The Bloodstained Shadow Review

88 Films releases on blu-ray a late, and fairly unknown, entry to the Giallo genre

The Widower

We preview Reece Shearsmith as a sociopath in ITV's latest drama....

Charlie Murder Review

For Those About To Beat Up Zombies (We Salute You)

We Recommend: Murder

Is this new BBC Two one-off drama as happy as it sounds?

The Victim Review

MVM release Monthon Arayangkoon's enjoyable though over-engineered horror on region 2 DVD.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet Review

Shameless release an impressive presentation of Argento's unusual and rarely seen giallo.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Review

John McNaughton's chilling and challenging document of arbitrary killing comes to high definition courtesy of Optimum.

The Silent House Review

Can this $6000 budget single shot debut from Uruguay really deliver the quality shocks? Mark Lee finds out.

The New York Ripper Review

Lucio Fulci's sickening sleazefest splatters its assorted viscera onto Blu-ray, courtesy of Shameless Screen Entertainment.