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The Kitchen Review

A trip to the mean streets of 1970s New York City in this tale of crime, drama, and women taking it for themselves.

The Dead Don’t Die Review

Jim Jarmusch’s new film struggles to raise a pulse

Destination Wedding Review

Reeves and Ryder make the perfect (un)happy couple

LFF 2018: May the Devil Take You Review

An intriguing Indonesian horror that doesn't quite work

Last Year in Marienbad Review

Evocative, compelling, fascinating, different

Laura Gets a Cat Review

Laura Gets a Cat is a refreshing character-driven indie rom-com that feels as new as it does familiar; a film that many people will relate to and a perfect reminder that life is messy and that's ok.

Searching Review

"One of 2018's most unexpected cinematic delights."

The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

Kate McKinnon stands out in what is otherwise an unremarkable film

BlacKkKlansman Review

Spike Lee's latest is an unforgettable experience

Christopher Robin Review

Time for another visit to One Hundred Acre Wood

Dog Days Review

They're over, apparently

In the Fade Review

Fatih Akin tackles the realities of terrorism

Zama Review

Zama is a dream-like period drama unlike any seen before.

The Breadwinner Review

A young girl defies the odds to provide for her family in war torn Afghanistan