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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited - 3.12 Nightsisters

The Clone Wars Revisited is back as Rebecca O'Brien heads into season three...

The Silence of the Lambs Review

The Silence of the Lambs is still a film of remarkable power and intensity, undiminished 26 years on from its initial release.

Matinee Review

A glorious experiment in nostalgia and b-movie horror. Director Dante is having as much fun as you will.

The Beast Within Review

Baz looks at some 80s schlock-horror released on dual-format by Arrow.

Godzilla Review

Lauren takes a look at the new foot-stomping blockbuster which is currently showing in cinemas.

Squirm Review

Arrow hit the jackpot again with an excellent presentation of this cult classic.

Monster launch two new headphone ranges

What's that coming over the hill? Is it some headphones?

The Curse of Frankenstein Review

Lionsgate release Hammer's groundbreaking foray into colour on high definition format, with a choice of aspect ratios, some high quality extras, and a somewhat anaemic transfer.

KISS - Monster

Veteran rockers return. Gary K pulls the trigger of his love gun.

Altitude Review

Can Altitude convince us to take its airborne fantasy horror for real? Mark Lee finds out.