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Pickup on South Street Review

Samuel Fuller's film noir classic comes to Blu-ray via the Masters of Cinema Series

Forty Guns Review

Samuel Fuller's greatest western gets the Masters of Cinema treatment

Too Late Blues Review

Jazz on a summer's day as John Cassavetes' studio picture comes to MoC Dual Format

Harold and Maude (Masters of Cinema) Review

Heartwarming tale of romance between a 20-year-old who fakes suicides and a 79-year-old car thief

Ace in the Hole (Masters of Cinema) Review

The bitterest, most stinging film in the career of classic Hollywood's leading cynic

Il Bidone Review

An early Fellini masterpiece gets a loving treatment from the Masters of Cinema series and a write-up by clydefro

Martin Scorsese Presents: World Cinema Project Volume One Review

A collection of three films rescued and restored by Scorsese's World Cinema Project, released by Masters of Cinema

The Tarnished Angels Review

A Douglas Sirk masterpiece makes its way to the Masters of Cinema series for a Blu-ray-only release

Simon Killer Review

A rare modern release from Masters of Cinema. John is in the chair

The Murderer Lives at 21 Review

A deliciously playful whodunnit from director Henri-Georges Clouzot, not yet so entirely dark and bitter in his debut

La Poison Review

A dark French treat from Sacha Guitry and Masters of Cinema, starring Michel Simon as a husband at wit's end

Cleopatra (Masters of Cinema) Review

Claudette Colbert is a rather suggestive Queen of Egypt, romancing Caesar and Antony, under Cecil B. DeMille's direction

Let's Wash Our Brains: RoGoPaG Review

Yet more Pasolini in HD. With added Rossellini, Godard and Gregoretti.

Hawks and Sparrows Review

The latest Pasolini to enter the Masters of Cinema catalogue.

Pigsty Review

Pasolini's Salò prototype.

Masters of Cinema Oct-Dec line-up

The Masters of Cinema Series announce their plans for the last few months of the year...

Double Indemnity Review

clydefro has been waiting years to tell you about Billy Wilder's film noir masterpiece, now out on Blu-ray from MoC

The Lost Weekend Review

Billy Wilder's first Oscar winner isn't what you'd call a "feel-good" picture - clydefro reviews the new MoC Blu

Ruggles of Red Gap Review

Charles Laughton goes west, playing a manservant whose services are lost in a poker game in this rollicking classic

Eureka & Masters of Cinema Summer line-up

A mixture of American and European cinema from Eureka and Masters of Cinema this summer...