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Xbox One S - All Digital Edition coming this May - cheaper, less discy, more digital

New console and new digital subscription announced during Xbox Insider

Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil 2 is a near perfect remake full of impressive visuals, grotesque designs, sharp gunplay and a simple, effective plot. With only a couple of incredibly minor niggles such as occasionally wooden scripting and performance taking the smallest amount of shine off an otherwise beautifully polished and restored piece of video game history, Capcom have proven that even an aged classic can meet modern expectations.

The Missing – J.J. MacField and the Island of Memories Review

The Missing – J.J. MacField and the Island of Memories, at it's most basic level, beyond being a mouthful of a title, is a puzzle platformer, with the core conceit being J.J.'s ability to suffer a violent trauma and keep hopping, crawling or rolling along in an injured but undying state.

Warriors Orochi 4 Review

Warriors Orochi 4 is packed full of everything a long running fan of the series or even occasional onlooker might want, be it characters, levels, the ability to upgrade weapons and level up warriors, the escalation of already potent fighting abilities or even just the often silly conversations it's possible to unlock by having certain warriors fight together consistently.

Microsoft deliver plenty of promise at E3, but can they deliver?

All the top announcements and trailers from this year's Microsoft E3 Conference

Quantum Break Review

Add a TV show, that always works...

Far Cry Primal Review

Time to trade in guns and rocket launchers for a spears and arrows. Can Far Cry Primal bring something different to the Far Cry table?