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Julianne Moore shines in Sebastian Lelio's remake of his own 2013 film

Tyrel trailer: Jason Mitchell tries to deal with a white nightmare

A first trailer for the Sundance film ahead of a December release

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Jessica Chastain wows us once again in this crime drama.

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Jessica Chastain lays it all on the line in the first official trailer

Sausage Party Review

Seth Rogen is a sentient sausage: we know where this is going...or do we?

Incoming: Arrested Development new series AND film

10 episodes and big-screen outing for the Bluth clan

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (R1/US BD) in November

This comic book adaptation directed by Edgar Wright comes to US DVD and Blu-ray in November...

Youth in Revolt (R1/US BD) in June

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Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Review

Are Nick and Norah the Romeo and Juliet of the iPod generation? Luke McNaney plugs in his headphones and finds out. Kick out the jams!