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The Big Caper (MGM LE Collection) Review

Rory Calhoun stars in this fifties crime drama which, as clydefro explains, proves that film noir is not a genre.

What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? (MGM LE Collection) Review

Allen Funt, creator of Candid Camera, turns his attention to sex and reactions to casual nudity, with fascinating results

The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (MGM LE Collection) Review

A weird spoof of the detective genre, set on a chicken hatchery and starring an aged Bowery Boy

Welcome to L.A. (MGM LE Collection) Review

Alan Rudolph's film about the "city of the one night stands" hits MGM's made-on-demand service

Incident in an Alley (MGM LE Collection) Review

A cop accidentally kills a 14-year-old in this black and white B-movie, based on a story by Rod Serling.

The White Bus (MGM LE Collection) Review

Lindsay Anderson's striking short film, part of a planned anthology film that didn't pan out, receives the MOD treatment

Valerie (MGM LE Collection) Review

Sterling Hayden shoots wife Anita Ekberg and kills her parents, and it takes three distinct stories to learn why

Cage of Evil (MGM LE Collection) Review

Diamonds and a blonde prove too much for an LAPD detective, in this Edward L. Cahn-directed MGM MOD release

Tomorrow Is Forever (MGM LE Collection) Review

Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert star in this effective melodrama, where she believes he was killed in war

A Quiet Place in the Country (MGM LE Collection) Review

An eerie Italian psychological thriller starring Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, out now from MGM's MOD line

Hong Kong Confidential (MGM LE Collection) Review

Gene Barry is a secret agent posing as a lounge singer in this tale of international intrigue

The Boss (MGM LE Collection) Review

The life of a political boss, played by John Payne, is tracked in this fifties noir drama written by Dalton Trumbo

Phaedra (MGM LE Collection) Review

Jules Dassin directs Melina Mercouri and Anthony Perkins in this Greek-set drama about a woman and her stepson

My Gun Is Quick (MGM LE Collection) Review

Hammer time as Mickey Spillane's hard-boiled private dick suits up for murder and stolen jewels in this '50s film noir.

The Halliday Brand (MGM LE Collection) Review

A nifty little western starring Ward Bond and Joseph Cotten as feuding father and son is out now in MGM's MOD line

Harry in Your Pocket (MGM LE Collection) Review

James Coburn stars alongside the late Michael Sarrazin in this pickpocket film, out now from MGM's MOD service

The Fearmakers (MGM LE Collection) Review

What's black and white and red all over? Hollywood in the '50s! Jacques Tourneur guides Dana Andrews through the morass.

Park Row (MGM LE Collection) Review

Samuel Fuller's loving tribute to American journalism is now available as a *gasp* DVD-R; clydefro reviews

A Thousand Clowns (MGM LE Collection) Review

A dated but still delightful Best Picture nominee quietly gets released on DVD-R and is reviewed by clydefro

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (MGM LE Collection) Review

Wonder Woman sans her super-suit and with an assault weapon, as Lynda Carter stars in this B-level Badlands