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Final Men in Black International trailer: More new footage but the same old jokes

The film hits cinemas next week - but does anyone really care?

Legends of Tomorrow: 4.07 Hell No, Dolly!

Constantine's dark past is explored in the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow: 3.11 Here I Go Again

Tala Ashe takes the lead in the latest Groundhog-Day (or was it Cause and Effect?) inspired Legends of Tomorrow...

Legends of Tomorrow: 1.11 The Magnificent Eight

The Legends of Tomorrow go back to the Old West to meet a DC legend of the past in this review of the latest episode, with added Hex appeal!

Will Smith says "no" to further close encounters

Will Smith turns down roles in Independence Day 2 and MiB 4.

Men in Black 3 in November

The Men in Black are back in UK homes this November...

Men in Black 3 Review

Mr Smith and Mr Jones slide back in to the black suits

Men in Black Blu-rays in May

UK and US release of the first film and its sequel on Blu-ray...

Hiphopopotamus vs Men in Black

Flight of the Conchords actor has been cast in the next MIB film...

Men In Black II Review

<b>Mark Boydell</b> has reviewed the Region 2 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=1170&story=3949">Men In Black II</a> - a dissapointing sequel which is given an extras-laden release due out at the end of January. The extras however are sadly a case of quantity over quality and fail to add much more to an unimpressive film.<p>

Men in Black II Review

<b>Gary Couzens</b> has reviewed the theatrical release of <a href="index.cgi?page=CinemaReview&id=127&story=3373">Men in Black II</a>, an occasionally amusing but flimsy sequel to the 1997 hit.<p><p><i>Men in Black II</i> opens in the UK and Ireland on 1 August.