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Wolf Guy Review

Sonny Chiba as a karate werewolf gets unleashed on Blu-ray by Arrow Video.

Lone Wolf and Cub Review

Criterion Collection brings Lone Wolf and Cub to Blu Ray as series of blood and love, Ben Pinsent dives into the 6 film box set

For Love's Sake Review

Who better to deal with the budding of young love than the director of Ichi the Killer? John reviews Miike's manga musical on BD...

Manga Entertainment Competition

We've got Manga's latest releases - Dragon Ball Z Season 1 & Welcome to the Space Show - to give away...

To - 2001 Nights Review

Classic deep space sci-fi rendered in 3D CG animation from the director of Vexille and Appleseed.

Cine-Excess V & MCM Expo this week

Looking for something to do in London later this week? We've got 2 suggestions...

Akira, Evangelion & Eden of the East in June

Three anime movies coming to UK DVD and Blu-ray in June...

Tokyo Gore School Review

With a conspicuously low volume of gore, Tokyo Gore School employs some other shock tactics, to varying levels of success. Mark Lee reviews.

Manga in August

New series Darker Than Black joins regular shows Naruto and Bleach, plus there's a Guyver set and word on the Ichi live-action movie on DVD & Blu-ray in August...

Manga Entertainment in July - Updated

Added the remainder of this month's releases from Manga to the schedule...

20th Century Boys Review

Noel Megahey reviews the first part of this live-action adaptation of a popular manga series of doomsday cults and apocalyptic action.

Manga Entertainment in June

New volumes of Bleach, Naruto and Ouran High School Host Club are joined by new offerings such as Blue Dragon and Claymore...