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Arctic Review

Mads Mikkelsen shines in this hard-hitting survival drama

Arctic trailer: Mads Mikkelsen tries to survive the harshest of conditions

One man's fight for survival in below freezing temperatures

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The Disneyfication of Star Wars is going about as well as one could possibly expect, no?

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Waiter, there's someone in my soup.... We catch you up on Hannibal

Exit in July

UK DVD debut for 2006 Mads Mikkelsen thriller.

The Digital Fix FilmCast - No. 1 - Unusual Actors

The inaugural Digital Fix FilmCast is here. Elliot, Matt and John discuss their favourite unusual actors.

The Hunt Review

Mob law and malicious accusations in Thomas Vinterberg's The Hunt starring Mads Mikkelsen. We review the UK blu-ray

A Royal Affair Review

Sumptuous Scandinavian historical drama gets the deservedly gorgeous HD treatment.

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Blood, guts and magic mushrooms. John reviews the thunderous Valhalla Rising

Flame and Citron Review

Ole Christian Madsen’s stylish noir depicts the thrilling actions and conflicted lives of two real-life Nazi assassins fighting for the Danish Resistance.

Casino Royale Review

The 21st James Bond adventure stars Daniel Craig in his debut as 007. Dave checks out the UK Blu-ray Disc release...

Casino Royale Review

James Bond gets his first ever high definition outing with <em>Casino Royale</em>. Michael Mackenzie reviews the recent Finnish Blu-ray release from Sony Pictures.

The Green Butchers (De Grønne Slagtere) Review

Svend and Bjarne, the green butchers of the title, serve up some of their special stuff in a film that confirms almost everything one suspects of butchers...

Torremolinos 73 Review

Faced with the threat of unemployment, an encyclopaedia salesman in Franco’s Spain is encouraged to make “educational” home movies of his bedroom activities with his wife for a Scandinavian sex institution, but the amateur filmmaker is intent on being the next Ingmar Bergman.