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Used Cars Review

Like new, great looking, and fully loaded with laughs

Australian Cinema and Me

On Australia Day, a look back at the country's cinema from its origins to the present day.

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Mad Max's latest high-octane adventure hits Ultra HD, we take it for a spin...

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Lets take a look at the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, is it the future of TV or stuck in the past...

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Mad Max Review

The long and winding Fury road

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

A superb performance from Theron and spectacular, gripping car chases in this beautifully feminist film.

The TDF Weekly Film News Roundup

News on Mad Max, Pacific Rim 2 and Michael Bay getting into a fight are included in this weeks Friday Film News Roundup

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Just Cause 2 devs tease us with footage of their new game...

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The Mad Max trilogy is concluded on Blu-ray.

Mad Max (US BD) in October

This Australian classic starring Mel Gibson comes to US Blu-ray in October...