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Lucifer: Season Four Review

Lucifer is back from the dead - how did the fourth season from Netflix fare?

Lucifer is revived as Netflix picks up the show for season four

The devil will be back to work for the LAPD as the streaming giant saves the show for a fourth run.

Lucifer: In memoriam - a final look back at seasons one to three

Jess Thomas looks back at the high and lows of three seasons of Lucifer.

Lucifer: 3.25 Boo Normal & 3.26 Once Upon A Time

Jess Thomas reviews the two bonus episodes of Lucifer, released following the show's cancellation.

Lucifer: 3.24 A Devil of My Word

It's the last ever Luicfer. Does season three end on a bang or a whimper? Jess Thomas reviews.

Fox cancels Lucifer and The Exorcist

The two supernatural dramas are the latest casualties in the latest phase of US TV renewals and cancellations

Lucifer: 3.23 Quintessential Deckerstar

After finding out that hell is real Charlotte has had it rough, but now she may just be able to find redemption.

Lucifer: 3.22 All Hands On Decker

Chloe has accepted Pierce's proposal. But what next?

Lucifer: 3.21 Anything Pierce can do I can do Better

Lucifer scrabbles for Chloe's favour as Pierce attempts to regain her trust. Who will she choose? Is it worth watching to find out?

Lucifer: 3.20 The Angel of San Bernardino

Deception is afoot in this week's Lucifer. As Maze teams up with Pierce, who knows what chaos will be caused...

Lucifer: 3.19 Orange is the New Maze

After Linda's betrayal Maze has slowly been going off the rails, but this week she takes it to another level... Or does she?

Lucifer: 3.18 The Last Heartbreak

As things between Chloe and Pierce heat up, Maze's relationships turns ice cold. What will happen next in the city of angels?

Lucifer: 3.17 Let Pinhead Sing!

Lucifer and Pierce's pact is over, but why is Lucifer avoiding Chloe?

Lucifer: 3.16 Infernal Guinea Pig

Cain, the first murderer, killed his own brother, Abel. Right? But what if Abel was alive? Catch Lucifer to find out

Lucifer: 3.15 High School Poppycock

It's back to school for Chloe and Lucifer this week...