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Lovecraft Country: 1.06 Meet Me in Daegu

One of the best things about Lovecraft Country is its willingness to embrace a different subgenre of horror fantasy in each new episode.

Lovecraft Country: 1.05 Strange Case

Not for the faint hearted, 'Strange Case' takes the horror of Lovecraft Country to the next level in a gruesome and bloody fifth episode.

Lovecraft Country: 1.04 A History of Violence

Episode four of Lovecraft Country continues to interweave a compelling exploration of race and prejudice into its classic adventure story structure that embraces the show’s pulp roots.

Lovecraft Country: 1.03 Holy Ghost

Packed full of scares, 'Holy Ghost' sees white people draw the short straw for once. Lachlan Haycock reviews Lovecraft Country for The Digital Fix.

Lovecraft Country: 1.02 Whitey's on the Moon

The second episode of Lovecraft Country detonates a miasma of human and monster horror alike with exuberant zeal.

Lovecraft Country: 1.01 Sundown

The opening episode of the new horror fantasy series Lovecraft Country is a slow build, but you won't want to stop watching.