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Animals Review

Aren't you scared of becoming too civilian?

The Piano Review

The heart asks pleasure first

Stockholm My Love Review

Stockholm My Love is a film that works better as a conversation piece, it is something you talk about after watching it rather than watch it, and the extras do nothing except help you to talk about it.

Netflix adds Travelers and Trollhunters to its season 2 renewals, Love picked up for season 3

Netflix continues to demonstrate its faith in its original programming as three more shows are picked up for another season.

Love Review

Love is unfortunately not much more than a self-indulgent exercise in titillation

Love comes to Netflix

A new comedy for Netflix in 2016.

The Wedding of River Song

The series ends with a broken universe and a kiss.

Closing Time

Craig Owens, Cybermen, and a baby called Stormageddon.

The God Complex

What would be in your room?

Crazy, Stupid, Love (US) in November

This romantic comedy with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore comes to US DVD/BD in November...

The Girl Who Waited

Amy waits, Rory weeps, the Doctor lies.

Aurora Review

A series of new Romanian cinema reviews continues with the latest film from the director of The Death of Mr Lazarescu.

Three Films by Marc Isaacs Review

Three wonderful, humane documentary features from British director Marc Isaacs are treated to a fine DVD release from Second Run. Noel Megahey reviews.