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Greatest TV Seasons: Alias Season Two (2002-2003)

An evil mother, dopplegangers and the entire premise of the show turned upside down - we look back at season two of JJ Abram's superb spy drama

Arrow: 7.16 Star City 2040

Arrow travelled into the future for an extended look at the dystopia of 'Star City 2040.'

The Season Four Reboot: How Successful Are TV Series Reinventions?

Baz Greenland discusses the high and lows of season fours - the point in which TV shows needs to reinvent themselves to survive...

Arrow: 6.12 All for Nothing

The emotional stakes are raised in this latest season six episode; Baz Greenland reviews 'All for Nothing'

The Lost Art of the Bottle Episode

In a television landscape of huge series arcs, Colin Polonowski considers the charms of the classic 'bottle episode'...

JJ Abrams looking to return to television with new TV space drama

The new space-set series will see a family transported to another world...

Guessed the spoiler? Are modern audiences too savvy for TV show twists?

Baz Greenland looks into the murky waters of TV twists and wonders if modern audiences are too experienced to ever be surprised...

Arrow: 5.17 Kapiushon

As the show focused on its Russian flashbacks and the showdown with Konstantin Kovar, Arrow went darker than ever before...

The X Files Revisited: A final retrospective on the show

Baz Greenland wraps up his revisit of The X Files, with one final look back at the show and its television legacy...

The X Files Revisited: 9.18 Sunshine Days

Can the mystery of a man obsessed with The Brady Bunch be the best episode of The X Files season nine?

TV Revivals and Reboots: Lack of ideas or a return to the golden age of television?

With so many revivals and reboots out there, Baz Greenland ponders whether that's a good or a bad thing for TV...

Arrow producers talk the future of the flashbacks on the show

Apparently there's still more story to tell about Oliver's time on the island...

The X Files Revisited: 4.17 Tempus Fugit, 4.18 Max

The tragic demise of Max Fenig and Agent Pendrell in this season four two-parter that puns a unique spin on an alien abduction story...

Amazon Prime Picks Up Jack Ryan TV Series

Tom Clancy's CIA operative is coming to Amazon Prime.

Wayward Pines Season One

Did M. Night Shyamalan's foray into television work?

ABC developing Agents Of SHIELD spin off series

The Marvel TV universe to get even bigger?

The Leftovers: 1.02 Penguin One, Us Zero

Episode two of <b>The Leftovers</b>, HBO and Sky Atlantic's post-Rapture ode to miserablism, is lighter, richer and contains less dead dogs.