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Highlights of the 2021 Glasgow Film Festival

Mari Jones looks at the best films being screened at next week's Glasgow Film Festival 2021.

A Hidden Life Review

Terrence Malick returns to World War II with a quiet tale of pacifism under Nazi rule

Le Mans '66 Review

Once upon a time at Le Mans

LFF 2019: Deerskin Review

Jean Dujardin is dressed to kill in Quentin Dupieux’s dark comedy.

LFF 2019: The Lodge Review

A horrifying tale of grief and isolation that will chill you to the bone.

LFF 2019: Waves Review

The kids aren’t alright in Trey Edward Shults’ hypnotic drama.

LFF 2019: Burning Cane Review

Helen must attempt to save her only son from himself

LFF 2019: Pink Wall Review

Love and all the messy bits that come with it in Tom Cullen’s wonderful relationship drama.

LFF 2019: End of the Century Review

A blast from the past in Lucio Castro’s intriguing relationship drama.

LFF 2019: Monos Review

A group of rebel teenage commandos have been given one mission

LFF 2019: Rewind Review

A devastating documentary that revisits a painful past.

Knife + Heart Review

A film that shines with bright neon lights but even they cannot mask its weaknesses

The Hummingbird Project Review

An absurd oddity concerning fibre optics

LFF 2018: The Cannibal Club Review

The unusual appetites of a wealthy couple make for a deliciously dark satire.

LFF 2018: Étangs Noirs Review

An undelivered package takes one man on a journey across Brussels in this intriguing yet puzzling film.

LFF 2018: Mari Review

A family's life is thrown into turmoil in this tender drama, which uses dance to bring its beautiful story to life.

LFF 2018: Lords of Chaos Review

The bizarre true story of a Norwegian black metal group and their shocking rise to fame.

LFF 2018: Journey to a Mother’s Room Review

A mother and daughter come to terms with their grief in a profound and deeply moving drama.