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End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2019

It's our end of year TV review. Did you favourite show make the list?

Line of Duty: 5.06

How the mighty fall: from the highs to the lows of Line Of Duty series finale

Line of Duty: 5.05

In a devastating penultimate episode, has Ted Hastings finally met his match? Line of Duty turns the (interview) tables on our favourite anti-corruption officer.

Line of Duty: 5.04

Becky Kukla reviews the latest episode of Line of Duty series five.

Line of Duty: 5.03

A contender for the most twists and turns per episode?

Line of Duty: 5.02

Is Line of Duty the best show on TV? Max Mazonowicz thinks so...

Line of Duty: 5.01

Line of Duty is back and as gripping as ever.

Bodyguard: 1.02

Bodyguard's second episode answers the show's main question, kicks into high gear and gets a little sexy (if that's your thing). Nick Whitney reviews episode 2.

Bodyguard: 1.01

Nick Whitney reviews the opening episode of new BBC drama Bodyguard.

End of year television review: The best and worst of 2016

The Digital Fix covers another year of television. Did your favourites make the list?

Line Of Duty: 2.06

The finale of Line Of Duty. Did you like? We did.

Line Of Duty: 2.05

Has any show been consistently as good as this? Probably not. We love <b>Line Of Duty</b>.

Line Of Duty: 2.04

Week 4 and it's all to play for. Apart from poor DI Denton maybe.

Line of Duty: 2.03

The BBC drama continues to twist and turn. Who's good? Who's bad? Is anyone either?

Line Of Duty: 2.02

Another week, another thrilling <b>Line Of Duty</b>. Bravo Keeley Hawes.